Holly Lodge close to the sea and the home of Tatty Teddy

Holly Lodge
Holly Lodge

As a cartoonist and artist Mike Payne sees his home in Rustington adding to his work.

“I designed the layout and see it as a piece of art,” he says.

Holly Lodge

Holly Lodge

“The layout is a ‘H’ shape with the kitchen in the middle joining where the bedrooms are to the living space.

“The kitchen is really the hub of the whole home.”

Mike and his wife Myfanwy moved into Holly Lodge, nestled in the Willowhayne Private Estate, six years ago and were immediately drawn to its location.

“When we moved in we completely remodelled and extended the property,” explains Mike.

Holly Lodge

Holly Lodge

“We ripped the guts out of it really to create the layout we wanted, which included a studio and a larger lounge.”

The studio Mike uses to work from home and was where he created the ‘Tatty Teddy’ otherwise known as the Me to You bear.

“A guy came to me who wanted to start up a business and wanted me to create a character for him,” reveals Mike.

“He gave me the example of the Forever Friends bears but he wanted something with depth.

Holly Lodge

Holly Lodge

“So I created the tatty teddy. I wanted a bear that looked like it was loved. That is why I added the patches as it showed that someone loved that bear so much they added patches to it to keep it going.

“It is all about psychology, but they wanted something people would love and have an emotive reaction to.

“It was astounding as it was in 94 countries at one point and it was very special. Initially I was very surprised at how quickly it grew but I hope people remember the bear and me in years to come.”

Mike’s favourite room depends on what he is doing.

“If I am working then I love my studio as it is a great space, but if I need a break then the lounge is where I go to relax,” he says.

“The thing with the study is that it can be for someone who is working from home, or can be changed into a bedroom or children’s play room.

“The house would be a fantastic family home, it is just perfect and on a beautiful day like today it is just magical.”

Holly Lodge has three bedrooms, two of which are ensuite, a family bathroom, a lounge, the large open plan kitchen/diner, an office, the studio, and a garage.

The detached bungalow is half a mile from the seafront, and Mike adds that the area is just brilliant.

“Everyone on the estate takes pride in their garden and the estate is really well kept.

“We are in between East Preston and Rustington, which are a 15 minute walk from the house to each one, the railway station is a ten minute walk and we are really close to all the shops and the post office.

“What is really great is how close we are to the beach, it is only a ten minute walk.”

On what he will miss most about the bungalow, Mike says everything as the home is a ‘unique place’.

“It is just a brilliant home, I sound like I don’t want to move now don’t I,” he laughs.

But it is clear that the time is right for Mike and Myfawny to take on their next challenge and create a home somewhere new.

Holly Lodge is on the market for a guide price of £1,300,000 with Cooper Adams, 7 Broadmark Parade, Broadmark Lane, Rustington,

01903 680768, cooper-adams.com


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