Holmbush says fond farewell to popular caretaker

Ri chard recdeives a presentation from Roger Morgan-Grenville
Ri chard recdeives a presentation from Roger Morgan-Grenville

AFTER 40 years of working hard to keep it clean and tidy, Richard Hotston retired at the end of May as caretaker of the Holmbush Industrial Estate in Midhurst.

By way of their appreciation for all he has done, on Tuesday, June 4, on behalf of the rest of the estate tenants, Roger Morgan-Grenville, Managing Director of Dexam International Limited, presented Richard with a cheque and wished him a long and happy retirement.

John Wotton from Dexham International organised the collection and presentation.

“We all think he’s great,” said John.

“The eight tennants on the industrial estate all collected money for Richard to thank him for his dedication to the job.

“Richard was a local man and used to live on the estate.

“Now he will be moving down to Littlehampton to enjoy his retirement by the coast.”

Richard began his work on the industrial estate working for one of the companies.

“Eventually, when he retired from that role, he was offered a part time role care taking and cleaning which soon turned into a full-time job,” said John.

“We wanted to thank him for all his work over the years.”