Homes evacuated and people rescued from cars in Chichester and Bognor Regis

West Sussex firefighters were called out to yet more flooding incidents across Chichester and Bognor Regis yesterday (Monday, June 11).

Firefighters were called out to a nursing home at Main Road in Bosham at 10.22am. Elderly residents had to be evacuated and 100 sandbags were used to stop flooding into the home. Firefighters were at the scene until 8pm, pumping water from the basement of the nursing home.

At 11am two elderly residents had to be rescued from a car in flood water. They were suffering from hypothermia and had to be treated by ambulance paramedics.

Another two ladies were rescued from a car in flood water at Chequer Lane, Bosham, at 11.05am. A man was also rescued from a car in water at Cot Lane, Chidham at 11.31am.

At Fairlands, North Bersted, Bognor 20 people had to be evacuated from local housing because of the flooding at around 11.41am.

Sandbags were supplied to several houses in Pinehurst Park, Rose Green at 5.27am.

The fire service were called to Sea Lane at Felpham at 8pm to pump the River Rife into the sea. A high volume pump from Hove Fire Station was used to alleviate the flood water coming through the river. The Environment Agency was in attendance.

An inflatable recovery path was set up at Willow Brook in Middleton at 8.37pm to assist nine residents from flooded houses.

And finally three residents were evacuated from a house at Elmer Road in Middleton at 10.47pm and taken to a rest centre by West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and paramedics. One man was given oxygen.