Hunt on for champion of Midhurst’s beauty spot

South Pond, Midhurst's 'heart and lungs'
South Pond, Midhurst's 'heart and lungs'

A new champion is being sought to carry on the good work of the community group which was set up to care for the South Pond area of Midhurst.

The SPACE (South Pond Active Community Endeavour) group was founded some three years ago after energetic Midhurst resident Clare Fuller decided it was time to tackle growing litter problems around the pond.

She enlisted the help of Chichester District Council, which owns the pond, and Midhurst Town Council, and also got the backing of Chichester area Mind, Friends of Midhurst network, South Downs rangers and the Chichester District Voluntary Community Action group.

Young mum Clare organised several litter-clearing, weeding and planting events and was the driving force behind the group.

But she has had to resign from the group due to work commitments and Midhurst town councillors are keen to ensure her project continues.

Chairman of the finance and general purposes committee Steve Morley said: “I joined the volunteers a couple of times, they were basically a grass-roots initiative and I thought it was fantastic.

“Clare did a great job in creating it.

He added: “We need people to pick up the baton.

“We have this area which is the heart and lungs of our town and a lot of people enjoy it.”

He said the town council had made a grant to the group which had paid for public liability insurance for volunteers.

“That insurance is still in place but we need someone new to lead the project.

“If there is any way as a council that we can get the SPACE group up and running again, I would like to try to pursue it.”

A spokesman for Chichester District Council told the Observer: “We have been working with SPACE to bring their vision of South Pond in Midhurst forward for over a year.

“We would still like to see this vision move forward.”