Illegal ravers disturb Sunday peace near Petworth

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PEOPLE in the Petworth area were disturbed in the early hours of Sunday morning by loud music from an illegal rave.

Around 400 people had found their way to the rave after midnight and some 80 vehicles were parked at Flexham Park, in woodland less than a mile from the centre of Petworth.

Roger Dallyn, who lives in Petworth, said he became aware of the noise as he drove to St Bartholomew’s Church at Edgean for the family service at 8.30am.

“We could hear all this loud drumming on a loop and it just kept going on and on.

“Everyone arriving at church was wondering where all the music was coming from.”

An Egdean villager said: Along with all my neighbours, I could hear the music clearly.

“It started in the early hours of Sunday morning about 3am and was still going when I left home about 9.30am. It was 
heavy drumming and base type music and it was pumping out for a long time.”

A police spokesman told the Observer: “Early on Sunday morning police were made aware of an unauthorised rave being held on land off Kingspit Lane, east of Petworth.

“Loud music was reported to have been emanating from the site since midnight and it was estimated that between 300 to 400 people and some 80 vehicles 
were present.

“Officers spoke to organisers and were assured the event would be closing at noon. By 2pm the group had dispersed completely and peaceably.”