Injured Fernhurst bus driver is recovering

THE Fernhurst bus driver who was seriously injured when a large tree crashed on to his vehicle in high winds last week is making a recovery in St George’s Hospital, Tooting.

Helen Martin, spokeswoman for Stagecoach, which is keeping in close contact with the family, told the Observer: “His wife is much more positive now and it is hoped he will make a complete recovery.”

The 52-year-old bus driver suffered serious facial and chest injuries and will require further operations at St George’s.

But fears he had suffered severe head injuries were allayed after he underwent scans at the hospital.

It took emergency crews about half-an-hour to cut him free after the tree crashed on to the roof of his cab in storm-force winds, crushing the vehicle and trapping him inside.

He was driving a single-decker Stagecoach bus on route 71 from Guildford to Chiddingfold along the Petworth road at Witley when the massive 100-year-old oak tree, measuring 6ft in diameter, crashed on to the bus. ​