Kick start the New Year in Midhurst Russian style

A NEW fitness class in Midhurst will kick everyone into shape for the New Year.

Glen Robertson will be helping people with their resolutions with Systema, a Russian martial art which he says is perfect for all ages and abilities.

“Systema is a Russian self-defence martial art that comes from the Russian army and has been in the west for about 20 years,” said Glen.

“The headquarters are in Moscow and Toronto and I am qualified as an instructor by them.”

Systema uses natural body movement and relaxation to promote an effective self-defence technique.

Glen added: “It is a really good health system as well as being a very good self-defence method.

“It is quick to learn and does not have any grades or set techniques to remember, however what it does do is teach each person to move the most effective way for them, rather than copy the instructor.”

Glen has been training in martial arts for more than 30 years and during this time has studied ninjutsu, aikido, judo and various styles of kung fu and tai chi. He also teaches yoga.

Glen is working alongside fellow martial arts fan Harvey Ransom, an instructor at the Grange Leisure Centre.

“Both of us have high hopes for the Systema class in Midhurst, and we are particularly keen on encouraging women to join the class, as it’s suitable for everyone over the age of 16.”

As well as combat, Systema incorporates slow exercises to improve core strength, while toning muscles, tendons and ligaments. It also includes a section of massage.

The class is held on Friday nights at the Grange in the dance studio from 8.15pm-9.45pm.