Kirdford Parish Council reject Celtique drilling application

An anti-fracking camp outside WSCC HQ in Chichester.
An anti-fracking camp outside WSCC HQ in Chichester.

KIRDFORD Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the Celtique application and this week (November 18) submitted its comments.

In a letter to the chief planning officer at WSCC, the council writes: “The parish council is not totally against the principle of conventional oil and gas exploration per se, but in this instance it would strongly object to this current application on the proposed site as it is a totally inappropriate location for such development.”

The council has highlighted issues relating to noise, traffic, air and water pollution.

It also notes ‘serious omissions’ from the Environmental Statement (ES) prepared by Celtique.

“It is important that an ES is prepared on a realistic basis and without unnecessary elaboration.

“The considerable focus on national economic considerations is regarded by the parish council as unnecessary elaboration at best and disingenuous at worst.”

Kirdford has submitted its Neighbourhood Development Plan (KPNDP), which is currently at the examination stage.

The council said the application would interfere with the neighbourhood plan: “The KPNDP clearly sets out the community’s objectives in regard to social and socio-economic growth and these do not include for any industrialisation of the countryside.”

The letter goes on to say the council is ‘disappointed’ that alternative suggestions for highway access were ignored.