Let there be light in Midhurst - or maybe not?

Carron Lane
Carron Lane

Plans to keep the lights on in Midhurst’s Carron Lane and June Lane when West Sussex County Council brings in its ‘part-night’ street lighting scheme look set to be shelved.

The scheme will see town-centre street lighting remain on all night, but residential roads would be in the dark between midnight and 5am.

Town councillors felt June and Carron Lanes would be better lit because they had no footpaths.

Now the county council has told them that as they own Carron Lane lights, they could open negotiations.

But if they want all-night lights in June Lane, owned by (WSCC), these would have to be upgraded to town-centre standards with brighter LED lights and taller lampposts.

Several councillors felt brighter, taller lights would shine into houses in June Lane to the annoyance of residents.

Town clerk Joan Hursthouse warned that if Carron Lane became an illuminated area, the car park and play areas might become more populated late at night.

It was recommended the move should not be 
pursued unless residents raised concerns.