‘Lives put at risk by dangerous junction’ in Midhurst

Elise Pack and Maureen Day have been concerned by Lamberts Lane
Elise Pack and Maureen Day have been concerned by Lamberts Lane

Serious concerns have been raised over a road junction in Midhurst town centre that has left people ‘fearing they are taking their lives in their hands’ while crossing.

Residents are urging West Sussex County Council to take action on Lamberts Lane, which they claim has dangerously poor lines of sight for drivers emerging on to the high street.

Councillor David Pack, of Easbourne Parish Council, raised the issue at a meeting of Midhurst Town Council on Monday. He revealed both himself and his mother had narrowly avoided being struck by vehicles approaching the junction.

He believed signs warning of pedestrians crossing and a further measure of placing a mirror at the junction were required as a priority to prevent a major accident.

“People are taking their lives in their hands when they walk across that junction. My mother has an electric scooter and is not able to see what is coming down there,” said the councillor.

He added: “When cars come down the lane and swing into the high street, drivers’ attention is drawn to the right and they may not realise there are people trying to cross over.

“With the new academy there will be a lot of children using this road as well, so we need a road sign warning drivers to stop for pedestrians.”

His mother Elsie added: “I am very concerned by this as I have had a couple of near misses and know of a number of other people with scooters who have been affected as well.”

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