Lodsworth’s plan to beat power cuts

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AFTER more than four days without power over Christmas, Lodsworth villagers are taking steps to ensure it never happens again.

Martin Lester, who like many villagers was reduced to barbecuing his Christmas dinner by candlelight, has arranged for a generator company to come to the village next week to talk 
about installing the machines in private homes.

“The hope is,” Mr Lester told the Observer, “that if there is a great demand for the supply of generators to households in the parish, we could negotiate a big discount as well as servicing schedules.”

The meeting is to take place in the village hall on Wednesday, February 12 at 8pm and an invitation has been sent to every villager.

“This meeting has come about because in the past two years we have had something like nine or ten power cuts for more than four hours,” Mr Lester said.

“This last one for four-and-a-half days affected the village badly, especially the shop and the pub. It was particularly bad for the pub because they had people booked in and they couldn’t contact to tell them they had no power, because the telephones were out.”

P & I Generators will be giving the presentation and ‘most importantly’, said Mr Lester, ‘this company would install the generators as well as 
service them’.

He said he believed it was important to take steps to prevent long spells without electricity.

“Frankly, because the government is still undecided on what to do about our future in power in three or four years, it is going to get worse and we will have more and more power cuts.”

As chairman of the management committee of the village shop, The Lodworth Larder, Mr Lester said an appeal had been launched to raise money for a generator there, after more than £1,600 woth of food had to be thrown out over Christmas.

He said the generator could cost as much as £3,000-£4,000 and already more than £600 had been donated.

SSE, the electricity board, would not compensate them for the lost stock, he said.