Love is in the air with new Valentines venture

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HUNDREDS of romantic films have been based on love at first sight.

What if you shared a smile with someone and within a fleeting moment, they were gone?

A Chichester man has set up a website which he hopes will give people a second chance.

Julian Wakefield-Harrey, 54, who lives on The Hornet, has set up I Saw U Smile – which launched yesterday – which can help you find that special someone.

“Everyone will remember a time, perhaps it was when you were waiting for that train on a rainy evening and a stranger offered you their umbrella, you smiled, they smiled, then the train arrived and the next thing you know the stranger has gone and all you remember is their smile,” said Mr Wakefield-Harrey.

“Don’t just let it go, do something about it.

“Go to the website, upload a picture of yourself or the place you met, so that you have the chance of being found by that 
special someone.”

Launching the website just before Valentine’s Day, Mr Wakefield-Harrey said he came up with the idea when he fell for a girl on Hampstead High Street many years ago, and never saw her again.

After being made redundant last year, he decided to give his website idea a try.

The site, which can be used by anyone all over the world, is designed for people to put in a time and place where they saw someone smile, and either a picture of themselves or the place they met. The rest is up to fate.

Users can register and search a place and time, and see if a message comes up which is meant for them.

“This doesn’t have to be now,” said Mr Wakefiled-Harrey. “This could go back ten or 15 years ago.”

He set up the website with Steve Parham, of Chichester firm Starjammer, who he met in December and the rest, as they say, was history.

“I wanted someone who believed in it,” said Mr Wakefield-Harrey.

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