Lurgashall post office open for longer hours

A new lease of life has been given to the village shop and post office at Lurgashall.

Not only have Martin and Pam Forey taken out a second nine-year lease on the premises, but Pam has volunteered to almost double the hours the post office is open, without being paid.

She said: "I'm a glutton for punishment, but we are determined to maintain the shop and post office for the village and Lurgashall parish.

"We came from south London nine years ago on a nine-year lease and now we have renewed it for another nine years."

The post office has been open only in the mornings but the Foreys have struck a deal with Post Office bosses to lift the shutters on four afternoons a week as well.

"Villagers and passers-by are now able to use the service Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday from 2-5pm.

"We have arranged to do a six-month trial period on a voluntary basis, without being paid, to see how it goes," Pam said.

"We hope we will have the continued support of the village and look forward to another nine years."

While her husband has a 'day job' at Heathrow Airport, Mrs Forey puts in many hours at the shop – 9am-6pm six days a week and 10am-4pm on Sundays.

"It is hard work, but we love it here," she said.