Lush staff educate Chichester College students on being environmentally friendly

All the Chichester college staff and students are thankful to Lush
All the Chichester college staff and students are thankful to Lush

College students have received a ‘Lush’ learning experience as the retailer provides an interactive day of activities.

Many students from Chichester College were treated to a special sensory lesson with a difference when staff from Chichester’s Lush visited their class recently.

Team members from the cosmetics company provided two interactive sessions with learners from the college’s foundation learning groups, as part of their Independent Living and Environmental Awareness education.

The aim each activity was to inform each and every student how and why Lush is working to reduce plastic packaging and use ethically sourced materials in their products.

Students were introduced to various products which invoke a variety of different senses, including ‘popping candy’ bath bombs which released a golden lustre effect into the water and jelly bombs which gave the water a ‘jelly-like’ consistency.

An opportunity to get creative with some pliable soap which can be used to make models and shapes, proved particularly popular with all students who participated.

Deputy head of Learning for Foundation Programmes at Chichester College, David Turner, said: “Our learners enjoyed two brilliant sessions with Ash and Laura from Lush in Chichester.

“They really enjoyed getting involved with the hands-on learning, as they were exposed to different materials and sensory experiences which really sparked their imagination.

“Experiences like these are invaluable. They help students to build confidence and awareness as they meet with different people and learn new things through interactive and fun sessions.”