Lynchmere lumberjacks in action


ONCE again members of the Lynchmere Society have been able to lend a helping hand to keep out the winter cold.

After another tree-clearing operation, the society had some 20 tons of logs and wood to hand out to members for free and to others for a donation to their work.

The trees had been cut mostly from the Small Common and carted to a central point for distribution.

The work was carried out by qualified volunteers and by students from Merrist Wood Agricultural College who were doing part of their practical work for their countruisde management course.

The clearance was all part of the ongoing heathland management by the society, returning 
and maintaining lowland heath rather than letting scrub take it over.

This work ensures the best habitat for a variety of birds such as the nightjar and stonechat as well as a number of reptiles and butterflies.

Birch grows fast and when felled, splits easily, burns without spitting and produces good heat energy.

People arrived during the biannual log day to fill their cars and trailers 
with wood.

The warmer winter meant the need to replenish supplies was not urgent so some wood is being left to dry for another log day.