MAGAZINE: How to order the right wine for a first date

It’s your first date with someone you think you really like but panic strikes...

What on earth do you order to drink?! Your drink choice says a lot about you, if you get it wrong you might come a cropper, but who wouldn’t be impressed if you took the bull by the horns and actually ordered for your date too?

Best wine for first date

Best wine for first date

It might seem a little old fashioned but there’s nothing better than arriving at a table with a glass of wine awaiting you, is there?

First’s first, you need to decide what sort of person they might be, quirky, natural, sophisticated or cool- to make sure you pick a wine to match. Never fear, help is at hand, in this video we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s best sommeliers, Gerard Basset to impart his wine choosing skills for the trickiest of dates!

Watch the video where Gerard shares his tips for which style of French wine to order on a first date so you are sure to impress.