Make hay while the sun shines

Membes of Lynchmere Society hard at work haymaking
Membes of Lynchmere Society hard at work haymaking

THEY say you should make hay while the sun shines.

And that is exactly what members of Lynchmere Society have been busy doing.

They have been rolling up their sleeves and getting to grips with the harvest.

Lynchmere Society not only owns heath and woodland in the 300 acres of Lynchmere Stanley and Marley Commons but it also owns – and rents – a few fields where they graze cattle and make hay.

And this year, despite problems for growers all over the Midhurst and Petworth area, the grass growth was good and the weather perfect for their haymaking. After the grass had all the ragwort and most of the docks and thistles removed, it was cut, turned and baled.

Volunteers got together to stack the small bales which are becoming increasingly rare in this age of huge bales.

With more than 800 bales stacked, they celebrated in old harvest fashion with pints of cider and beer.

The society has an excess of hay for sale at a reasonable price. Call 01428 643086 or 641708.