Medieval mayhem makes a return to Loxwood’s Meadow

Jousting Knight Lance Clash
Jousting Knight Lance Clash

Visitors can be transported back in time to experience all the wonders and mediaeval mayhem of the Middle Ages at an upcoming joust event, with advance tickets out now.

The Annual Loxwood Joust is set to return to Loxwood’s Meadow over two different weekends in August this year.

Black Knight at Loxwood joust

Black Knight at Loxwood joust

On August 4, 5, 11 and 12, Loxwood’s meadow will transform into a field full of medieval fun.

Each day will run from 10am to 6pm and will include a programme of mediaeval entertiament and activities.

This unique family friendly event allows fun for all ages.

The busy compact weekends will include a fight between mighty knights, a display from fully armoured knights explaining what life was like back then, jousting journaments and so much more.

The fun filled joust will also include the opportunity to get creative and hands on by creating a copper cowl, chain-mailing to create your own jewellery, blacksmithing and more.

There is a chance to learn from the apothecaries, to allow woodland faeries to envelope you in nature, to partake in hand fasting ceremonies, get close to graceful high flying hawks and even more.

Alongside the large amount of activities and displays at the event there is also wide choice of medieval refreshments available and a special medieval banquet fit for a medieval queen.

The Loxwood Joust is located just off the B2133 between Wisborough Green and Loxwood and has ample free parking.

For further information about the Loxwood Joust, contact Heather Joy at JoyStar by phone on 01403 790146, mobile on 07968 805422 or by email at