Meet the green waste volunteers helping to change the face of Midhurst

It has shifted a staggering 16 tonnes of green waste from 66 different places in Midhurst, transforming the town and taking volunteering to a new level.

Wednesday, 2nd January 2019, 6:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:33 am

The Midhurst Green Volunteers is part of a ‘Big Society’ trial being spearheaded by West Sussex County Council to give people the power to tackle projects in their own communities.

The county council provided a shed next to Midhurst’s fire station and tools so that townspeople could take on clearance projects.

It was the first ‘help yourself’ project of its kind to be launched in West Sussex and it has exceeded the wildest expectations of those who came up with the idea.


Just even months after it were born, the small band has notched up hundreds of volunteer hours mowing, clearing, weeding, sweeping, strimming, raking, clearing drains and leaf clearing all over the town.

The vounteeers have collected just over 16 tonnes of green waste, which has gone to the recycling centre, and they have changed the face of the town.

They have received grants for equipment and now have their own shed, their own van and eight large waste bins.

They even have sponsors who have supported the group with equipment and services.

The man behind the setting up of the green volunteers is co-ordinator Graham Pooley, who said: “This is the ‘Big Society’ in action and I see it as a positive thing in that councils are just ignoring things like potholes and footpaths and that is not acceptable but here is a council that accepts it can’t do everything and is giving us the facilities to help ourselves.”

Graham said the group had many more projects lined up and was in need of more volunteers.

For more information contact them at Anyone who wants their Christmas tree recycled after the festive holiday should speak to one of the green volunteers.