Midhurst and Petworth firefighters at house ‘severely’ damaged by fire


MIDHURST and Petworth firefighters were at the scene of a fire in Tufts Field, Midhurst this morning (February 5).

Crews received the call to the house at 6.15am to the end of terrace house in Tufts Field. An elderly couple were treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics at the scene, but did not need to go to hospital.

The fire started from an electrical unit in a cupboard under the stairs, said the fire service.

The area under the stairs was completely destroyed by fire and crews used breathing apparatus to enter the property.

25 per cent of the ground floor was damaged by heat, while 80 per cent of the rest of the house was damaged by heat and smoke.

Firefighters had made the scene safe by 7.15am.

Midhurst station manager Nigel Gamblen said the incident highlighted the importance of working smoke alarms.

“The two working smoke alarms raised the alarm for the couple to get out of the building,” said Nigel.

“It is really important people get their alarms tested and maintained.”