Midhurst and Petworth launch plant-a-tree scheme for Queen’s jubilee

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MEMBERS of the Rotary Club of Midhurst and Petworth are planning a ‘plant a tree’ project to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Following on from the national ‘plant a wood’ project, Rotary club members would like to encourage organisations, businesses and individuals in the Midhurst and Petworth area to join them in creating a planted area of saplings at clearly viewable locations.

The Rotary club is having talks with Midhurst Rother College, Cowdray Model Farm and the Cowdray Estate and have identified suitable areas for tree planting at each location.

In a letter to organisations across the area, Rotarian Peter Nightingale said: “The landowners are in favour of the idea and fully support the concept of community participation.

“We hope that a large number of people will feel this is an appropriate way of celebrating the jubilee in 2012.”

He said in order to start the project off, the club president Paul Ryan would plant the first tree at Midhurst Rother College on Thursday February 23 which was ‘Rotary Day’.

“We would be delighted if individuals and organisations would like to participate in this project with us to make a real difference to the wider Midhurst and Petworth community.”

He invited donations of trees which cost £30 each and said there would be commemorative labels on the trees and donors would be invited to plant their trees if they wished to do so.