Midhurst and Petworth parish round-up

Organisers of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in Ebernoe are looking for help in compiling their souvenir programme.

Freddie Hughes is hoping to include a timeline showing manor events internationally, nationally and also in Ebernoe and Balls Cross for each of the 60 years.

“I need help in identifying dates in Ebernoe,” she appealed in the latest parish news.

“For example, what year were the cottages on the common demolished, when was electricity connected, when did we get a refuse collection service?

“It would be super if we could identify something for every year including some less significant milestones.”

Mrs Hughes is also looking for photos of previous celebrations.

Anyone who can help should contact her on 01428 707179.


Petworth Cottage Museum is looking for new stewards to welcome visitors at the popular High Street tourist attraction.

Last year there were 1700 visitors, all guided by volunteer stewards many of whom have helped out at the museum since it opened in l996.

Some are now wishing to retire and the trust is on the look-out for new helpers.

Most stewards volunteer for one or two afternoons a month.

Anyone who is interested should contact Debby or Gordon Stevenson on 01798 343496.


Organisers of Rogate fete and flower show which takes place on Saturday, August 4, are appealing for volunteers to serve on the committee, run a stall or organise an activity, such as co-ordinating parking, booking the commercial stalls or pre-selling raffle tickets.

They are also looking for ideas and support to make the fete particularly child-friendly.

Anyone who can help should contact Brian Allison at BrAllsn@aol.com

Anyone who would like to be involved with the flower show should contact the new chairman of the flower show committee Fred Fosberry on 01730 821869.