Midhurst and Petworth road wishes granted?

A wish list of highways and transport improvements for the Midhurst and Petworth area are set to be approved by the area’s West Sussex county councillors on Tuesday.

Midhurst county councillor Nola Hendon’s North Chichester County Local Committee has been looking at a range of community transport issues and members have now been asked to highlight their priorities in order to establish an ‘infrastructure plan’ for the area north of the Downs.

A report to the committee due to take place at Capron House, Midhurst, says: “The purpose of the infrastructure plan is to ensure that county council resources – staff and funds – are targeted at delivering local priorities.

“The plans would support ‘localism’ and the ‘big society’ agenda, ensuring that locally identified highways and transport improvements are prioritised.”

The report says the highway ‘improvements’ for consideration should have community benefits and could include crossing facilities, new footways, safer routes to school schemes, traffic signals, traffic management and town and village enhancement schemes.

The agreed priorities will become the basis of recommendations to the county council’s cabinet to be included in their highways works programme.

Each of the projects on the wish list will, at various stages of development, undergo consultation with the community to ensure the issues are understood.

Cllr Hendon and her colleagues are being recommended to include the introduction of a ‘20’s Plenty’ scheme in several locations across the Midhurst and Petworth area.

They are also set to prioritise a junction improvement in South Harting Square and a pedestrian crossing on the A272 near the junction with Habin Hill at Rogate.

In addition the committee will be asked to prioritise the development of school safety zones at Rake and Harting Primary Schools and at Midhurst Primary School where measures could include a new crossing point.

Safety measures and improvement to enhance the hamlet of Fisherstreet, north of Northchapel are on the proposed list and improvements to the safety of the Cripplecrutch Hill crossroads, north of the hamlet, are being recommended.

And also on the proposed list is an appraisal study to investigate the existing double white line system on the A272 through Wisborough Green as a result of concerns from the parish council of overtaking through the village.