Midhurst and Petworth Rotary Club fight polio

Rotarian John Barrett checking Polio signs
Rotarian John Barrett checking Polio signs

MIDHURST is in full bloom this spring thanks to students around the town and the Midhurst and Petworth Rotary Club.

Rotarians and pupils teamed up not only to enhance the beauty of the area, but to help fight polio across the globe.

In February 2011, the club got together with schools and planted crocus bulbs in an effort to raise awareness of campaigns to give out polio vaccinations.

Midhurst town councillor Steve Morley said: “The council is always grateful for additions such as these. The croci create a warm welcome to our visitors and are a cheerful daily reminder of the advent of spring for residents.

“We thank the Rotary club and the children who planted them.”

Three years ago Rotary clubs in the UK decided to organise the planting of crocus bulbs to bring public attention to the campaign.

The club, together with pupils from the former Midhurst Grammar School, planted an area near North Mill Bridge and pupils from Midhurst Primary School helped plant an area near South Pond.

Helen Chapman from the club said: “During Rotary’s initiative to wipe out polio from the world, children have their little finger painted mauve to indicate they have received the vaccination.

“With the amount of rain we have had, hopes were not high for this year, but the crocus bulbs have flourished, giving a lovely mauve display near Midhurst Rother College and another at South Pond.

“The hope is that as the bulbs increase, the cases of polio diminish.”

For further information about the campaign and rotary clubs, visit www.thanksforlife.org or www.rotary.org