Midhurst children of the second world war set to reunite

THE children of the Midhurst district from the second world war are being invited to a reunion.

Peter Sydenham is organising the reunion for evacuees. He said: “When the war against Germany was declared by Britain in September 1939, more than two million children were evacuated from London in just two weeks.

“An estimated 2,000 of these were hurriedly placed in the Midhurst rural district. The population was around 4,000 residents so this was a major societal upheaval.

“Easebourne Primary School had around 300 evacuees enrolled. Cocking took 80 children and Harting over 190.

“Fernhurst received an official count of 272 evacuees. The Graffham community took 120.

“Using the recently-compiled village and town published memory history books, it has been possible to identify some 50 evacuees and more than 75 children residents who played with them.

“Many lifelong friendships were formed.

“Some evacuees stayed on or came back after the war. If you were a WWII Midhurst resident, evacuee, a current relative, or just interested in their stories, you may like to attend a commemorative 75th reunion of the children of the WWII Midhurst rural district.”

People are attending the reunion from around the world.

The event will take place on May 25, starting from Midhurst cemetery before moving to the Grange.

On display will be copies of photos and other contemporary memorabilia, including what is brought to the reunion.

For details phone Peter on 07933 613648 or email sydenham@senet.com.au