Midhurst church service celebrates the town’s businesses

The Rev Dave Willis
The Rev Dave Willis

MIDHURST Parish Church has held the latest of its four ‘Community Links’ services on Sunday to recognise the town’s businesses and their contribution to community life.

More than 80 people attended the service, which involved some of Midhurst’s best-known and historic businesses.

Readings were given by Stuart Fraser from Frasers and by Richard Davis from Bath Travel.

Prayers were led by solicitor Clive Rowntree whose practice is behind the church.

The Spread Eagle Hotel served refreshments as people were encouraged to stay on, pick up business cards and view the displays.

The Rev Dave Willis, invited business people to introduce themselves and it became evident there was a mixture of long-established businesses with newer ones as well.

The vicar then went on to stress the intention of the church was to reach out yet more into the community life of the town, and that being a ‘civic church’ and community hub was one of his top priorities.

A final ‘Celebrating Community in Worship Service’ is planned for Sunday, May 11 when all the participants in the four previous services will be invited back.