Midhurst coffee war is storm in a teacup say Costa

Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee

A COFFEE war nearly erupted in Midhurst as talks of a fourth Costa Coffee sparked an online furore.

Rumours surfaced of Waitrose potentially opening a Costa in its store, which would have joined the Costa shop in North Street, the Costa express self-service coffee bar in the BP Gillhams service station in Easebourne and the Costa available in the new Grange leisure centre.

The owner of Caffe Verdi in North Street, Pete Davies, fears Britain’s high streets are becoming ‘bland’ with the increasing influx of Costa’s.

“Costa Coffee is not just taking over this town, but steadily taking over a number of towns. If we do get a Waitrose on that site, it is more than likely a coffee shop would a requirement.

“It is nice to have variety in our coffee shops in Midhurst, another Costa would be bland and stereotypical.

“I went into a service station the other day and there were five different Costa’s in it. Your choice is very limited.”

However, a spokesman for Costa has denied the chain will be expanding in the town: “Costa, the nation’s favourite coffee shop, can confirm that the rumours surrounding the opening of a new store within Waitrose in Midhurst are false.”