Midhurst council in the hot seat over bench site

A WELL-used bench outside Rosemary’s Parlour in Midhurst town centre has been removed after noise complaints from nearby residents.

But town councillor Colin Hughes told colleagues he was concerned this meant there could no longer be 
any public seating provided in the town centre.

“The implications of this are we cannot have any benches in the town centre because any seats there will be located near a residence.

“If we can’t put a bench outside Rosemary’s Parlour because it affects residents, the same thing applies to the whole of North Street.”

The responsibility for the bench, originally a project of the Midhurst Vision Group, was later taken over by the town council.

But town clerk Joan Hursthouse told members at a full meeting of the council that although it was very well used in its position outside Rosemary’s Parlour in the centre of North Street, it had been removed because nearby residents were unhappy that it had been sited outside their properties at Rosemary House and the Clock House.

She said the bench had been put into storage until a new site could 
be found.

She had suggested it would be placed outside the Masonic Hall, where the existing bench was in a poor state of repair.

But councillors decided to put the matter in the hands of the community care committee to find a new site.