Midhurst couple lost five stone between them

Phoebe and Wayne from Midhurst SUS-150123-132833001
Phoebe and Wayne from Midhurst SUS-150123-132833001

A YOUNG couple from Midhurst are celebrating after losing five stone between them.

Phoebe Green, 23 and Wayne Melville, 28, found out about Chichester District Council’s weightloss and wellbeing workshop at an open day at the Grange last year.

Phoebe started the sessions at the Grange in May, and has since lost three stone in weight, with Wayne losing two stone.

“The sessions have always been really welcoming, it wasn’t intimidating, and the weightloss was always a very private thing,” said Phoebe, who wanted to lose weight after giving birth to their first child, Rose, now 14 months.

During the programme, Phoebe and Wayne underwent general wellbeing checks, looking at their weight, exercise levels and diet. Phoebe also started exercising more, and received tips and advice from gym staff at the Grange.

Phoebe added: “We’ve been changing how we put things on the plate, so half a plate should be vegetables and the other half protein and carbohydrates, and we also looked at how to increase our portions of vegetables.

“With every meal I’m now always looking at how I can squeeze another vegetable in there without Wayne noticing.

“I found people were very friendly and the gym staff were very nice, they were really easy to speak to. I feel more confident and more energetic, and I can do more with Rose now.

“Before I wouldn’t have felt comfortable going into the soft play area with Rose because of how I felt I looked, but now I’m 
more than happy to go running off after her, and I just feel much better in myself.”

Phoebe celebrated her weight loss with help from The Haven Beauty Room in The Grange, where staff did her hair and make-up for free so she could have photographs taken.

Wellbeing weightloss workshops run throughout the year at venues in Chichester, Midhurst and Selsey.

For details call 01243 521041, email info@chichesterwellbeing.org.uk or see www.chichester.westsussexwellbeing.org.uk