Midhurst fishermen entertain children from Chernobyl

Midhurst fishermen have been busy entertaining young visitors from Belarus through the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line charity which aims to help children living in the nuclear disaster area.

Led by Geoff Oram a group of anglers took 12 children fishing during their recent month long stay in the area.

Mr Oram and his wife Lyn who have been helping to provide activities for the Petersfield link of the charity and have paid tribute to Midhurst store, Kavanagh Budgens for their help this year.

“Owner Noel Kavanagh and manager David Laight have been brilliant,” said Mrs Oram.

“As soon as we told them about the plight of the children, they gave us absolutely amazing support.

“On the morning of the fishing day they allowed us to take a trolley around the store and help ourselves to whatever we wanted for the children.

“They have never tasted treats we all take for granted so we gathered a selection of crisps, doughnuts, fairy cakes, chocolates and sweets.

“These they thoroughly enjoyed during their lunch break.”

The Orams have also been busy collecting pens for schools in Belarus after discovering sometimes a whole class of children had to share one or two.

“We have been collecting pens donated by local businesses ready for when the next group comes next spring,” said Mrs Oram, “but Budgens have also offered to put a pen amnesty bucket under their notice board in order that customers can donate spare pens.

“Budgens have also come up with other suggestions such as putting collection buckets on their tills at a suitable time to raise funds for the children.”

The cost of bringing each child to Britain is around £600 - £300 for the air fare, and the rest towards outings and a minibus to transport them)

“We are extremely grateful for the amount of enthusiasm and forward thinking Mr Kavanagh and the manager Mr Laight, have shown.”