Midhurst landlord plans to form choir

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Melodic notes could soon be emanating from the Half Moon pub at Midhurst as landlord David Marshall’s latest venture gathers pace.

Since he took over the pub in September, lorry business boss Mr Marshall has discovered a shared talent among some of his male regulars – they can sing.

Now he is planning to establish the Half Moon Male Voice Choir, and already he has ten would-be songsters signed up to start rehearsals.

They include the pub’s 20-year-old barman, Ryan Moss, and customer Howard Cronshaw. Both are members of the Petworth Players amateur dramatic society.

Then there’s ‘Big Simon’, Pete the plumber, Paul the football referee, former tree surgeon Dick Costello, and Dave Marshall himself.

He has a brief history of hitting the high notes from when he was a youthful choirboy at Fishbourne.

“But I’m 58 now so I think I’m more likely to be singing bass,” he said.

The male voice choir idea started as a joke, he admits: “But then it caught on and people started signing up.

“We’ve got some good voices among our regulars here.

“You’ve got the Military Wives choir and that sort of thing, and as the Half Moon is a traditional pub, having a choir seems a good idea. If we get five more people, I think we can start rehearsing.”

But, he added: “What we really need is a choirmaster to organise and teach us.”

When it gets proficient, the Half Moon Choir could be seen – and heard – at all sorts of events and charity occasions.

Any proceeds from its appearances will go to charity, its founder insists.

As for finding a choirmaster, anyone willing to help guide the men in their singing should call the Half Moon pub on 01730 810818.