Midhurst man’s anger over park rubbish

The rubbish on Midhurst's Carron Lane recreation area
The rubbish on Midhurst's Carron Lane recreation area

THE state of Midhurst’s Carron Lane recreation area has annoyed a town resident so much he stopped one day to take photographs.

Asking not to be named, he contacted the Observer to say: “I know this is a minor thing, but I thought you would be interested to know how our skate park in Carron Lane is treated.

“People routinely leave their rubbish on the playing field while using the skate park despite the presence of rubbish bins.

“They do fill one with their rubbish, but then they leave their mess on the ground, even though there is another nearly empty bin not 20ft feet away.”

The skate park and recreation area are owned by Midhurst Town Council.

Clerk Joan Hursthouse said council staff made inspections each weekday of the skate park and recreation ground, including checking the soundness of the equipment and collecting rubbish and emptying bins.

“Occasionally over the weekend period, particularly if the weather has been fine and there have been a large number of visitors, many of whom have picnics at the site, the bins are very full and on rare occasions may be overflowing,” Mrs Hursthouse said.

“The town council has not received complaints about the area, and in fact recently received an email from a Carron Lane resident asking that our groundsman be congratulated on the well-kept appearance of the recreation ground.”