Midhurst mother warns of ‘dangerous’ new craze

St Richards Hospital
St Richards Hospital

A MOTHER from Midhurst has warned other parents about a dangerous new craze among children which they have called ‘frosting.

Her son and two other children from Chichester High School needed hospital treatment and narrowly escaped permanent damage to their skin.

The craze involves spraying each other with aerosol deoderants.

But the sudden drop in temperature caused by the pressurised gas freezes the nerves and children do not realise they could cause serious burns.

“Please warn parents so no more young boys are scarred for life,” concerned mum Lisa Dunn told the Observer.

“My son has burns to his arm caused by the coolants. Children have no idea what it can do.

“He has burns dressings on and very nearly damaged his nerves permanently.

“He will need to stay out of the sun for a year.

“Kids mistakenly think that because the burn doesn’t hurt it’s not serious - when the exact opposite is true - they can’t feel it because they have frozen the nerves or burnt them.

“We had never heard of it before but local children seem to.”

Children remain unaware of the extent of the dangers posed by this ‘game’.

But the brutal facts are that frostbite injuries or first-degree cold burns can be caused by this inappropriate use of an aerosol spray.

Some cases could even be severe enough to need a skin graft.