Midhurst residents call for road sign guidance

VILLAGERS are calling for guidelines on what the new South Downs National Park Authority planning department regards as acceptable looking road signs after recent disagreements.

West Sussex County Councillor Mark Dunn who represents several villages in the Chichester area, told members of the county local committee in Midhurst that parishes in his area had had problems over what they regarded as enhancing village gateway signs which also acted as road safety signs calling for traffic to slow down.

“Speed control signage and carefully considered village gateway signs are not landscape clutter,” he said, “they serve a very important purpose.

“I think we should gently point out to the national park that speed is a killer and we need some signage.”

Cllr Dunn said he did not wish to criticise the South Downs National Park Authority but he felt there was a need for communication over the issue to try and come up with an agreed design.