Midhurst reward card scheme is set to go online

THE Midhurst Reward Card scheme is getting an update for the new year.

From January 1, MidhurstFirst launched a new reward card system, allowing customers to check their account online at any time and see how many points they hold with each member business.

The new system will also make it easier for new cards to be issued, complete with all the stored points.

Anyone using the scheme will be able to install an app on their smart phone and use their phone to store points.

Geoff Allnutt of JE Allnutt and Sons, a member of the scheme, said: “We’re changing the scheme because we want to offer a reward card that is both simple for cardholders to use and straightforward for businesses to administer.

“The previous system had a number of limitations, one of which is that businesses can only see the points when the cardholder presents their card.

“We don’t want anyone to lose the points they’ve accumulated so we need people to bring their cards in to the shop so we can make sure the changeover happens.”

Existing cardholders will need to manually transfer points from old cards to the new scheme.

To transfer points, customers will need to visit each business where they currently hold 
points before January 14, ask the business to access the card and check how many points are held.

Unless cardholders visit each business where they hold points by the January 14 deadline, any points stored will be lost.

Bonus points will be available on transfers, for up to £10 in some shops.

For further information on the new scheme, go to www.midhurstfirst.co.uk