Midhurst road safety plan is scrapped

Congestion in Ashfield Road
Congestion in Ashfield Road

CONTROVERSIAL plans to ease traffic congestion in Midhurst’s Ashfield Road have been scrapped.

The problems of on-street parking in the residential road, which is made up of terraced housing with very few off-street parking spaces, have caused concern for many years.

Residents claim their nightmare is exacerbated by motorists who park at junctions impeding visibility, and fears have been expressed for the safety of children walking to Midhurst Primary School off Ashfield Road.

The problems were highlighted in 2010 and led to the road’s inclusion in West Sussex County Council’s (WSCC) traffic regulation order list for the Midhurst and Petworth area.

It was proposed to convert single yellow lines into double lines, shorten the existing yellow lines on one side of the road and introduce double yellow lines along the whole of the southern side of the spur leading to the school.

But when the plans went out for public consultation there were ten letters of objection and only two letters of support.

Midhurst town councillors also scrutinised the proposals.

Members of WSCC’s county local committee were recommended to scrap the proposed order because it appeared the concerns raised by members of the public outweighed the benefits to 
the community.

Gordon McAra, county councillor for Midhurst, told the meeting he did not support the proposals: “Basically where we are trying to fix a problem we are causing a problem 
for other people and I do not believe it is worth the energy and the cost to the county council.”