Midhurst’s link to the Mary Rose Tudor warship

The Mary Rose sinking in Portsmouth harbour
The Mary Rose sinking in Portsmouth harbour

A FORTHCOMING lecture in Midhurst will reveal the town’s close links to the famous Tudor warship, the Mary Rose

Bridget Howard, from Midhurst, said: “The ship was sunk off Portsmouth in 1545 when the English navy defeated a French invasion. The events were illustrated in a painting at Cowdray which disappeared for 200 years before it was rediscovered. It is now world famous and appeared several times in the recent television programme about the new Mary Rose museum.”

The story of the ship, the battle and the finding of the Cowdray picture will be told in a lecture at Capron House in Midhurst on July 11, starting at 7pm. Tickets, which include a glass of wine an the opportunity to meet the lecturer from the Society of Antequaries in London, are £5 and available from Pat Bryant on 210730 812801.

The event is organised by Midhurst U3A.