Midhurst’s Mutley is a terrific midfield

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THERE’S nothing Mutley loves more than kicking a ball around with whoever he can persuade to play with him.

And he has become so good at it, owner Bill Griffin decided to put his talents to good use and raise money for charity.

Now the two can be seen regularly at car-boot sales offering the chance for a game of football with the border collie, in return for a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Bill, who lives in Midhurst, said: “I rescued Mutley from a centre in Petersfield when he was six months old. A while ago he was dribbling the ball with his nose and playing footie with some children at a sale and someone said ‘he’s good at that, you should put a sign up and raise money’ so I did – and he absolutely loves it.”

Mutley is pictured above getting a bit of practice in with his friends who are members of the Midhurst and Easebourne under-seven football squad.