Midhurst Sarah’s run will give hope to others

Sarah Morley
Sarah Morley

WITH courage and determination, a young woman battled through a debilitating condition to encourage others to live life to the full.

Despite having multiple sclerosis, Sarah Morley completed the Backlight Run in Portsmouth.

No-one knows what’s round the corner so you’ve just got to live every day

Sarah, who is manager of the Midhurst branch of Stockley Trading in North Street and business manager of the whole company, raised more than £1,500 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Sarah said: “I had never done anything like this before.

“I was diagnosed with MS when I was 23 and up until I was 30 I acted like I didn’t have it, and pretty much no-one knew I had MS.

“I got to 30 and thought ‘I can’t keep pretending this isn’t happening to me’.

“When I posted my Just Giving page it was the first time a lot of my friends – people I’d known my whole life – found out about the my MS.

“I raised money for the MS Society because that’s the first place people turn to.

“When I was first diagnosed I thought that was it, life was done. I couldn’t see or walk.

“I hope this can give hope to at least one person.

“My goal was to raise £200 so it was very emotional to raise more than £1,500.

“I was just going to walk the race but in the end I did it in 38 minutes.

“No-one knows what’s round the corner so you’ve just got to live every day.”