Midhurst sends out its message against cancer

MIDHURST people turned out in force to make a stand against cancer.

Joining in the latest fund raising campaign from Cancer Research UK they gathered at South Pond and joined hands making a circle around the pond sending out a powerful message.



The Midhurst event was organised by Kirstin Bosley and MRC teacher Maddie Hathaway who were joined by 150 people in the town whose lives had been affected by the disease.

Kirstin told the Observer: “We were joined by nearly 150 people standing holding hands around the pond and have so far raised more than £350.

“It was amazing to see so many people of all ages turn up to make a united stand against cancer and we would like to thank all those who participated, it meant a lot to us.”

Kirstin, whose 17 year old daughter Sophie is currently undergoing treatment added:

“With research at the forefront of finding a cure for many types of cancer it was great to meet so many people who were there for their own reasons, some on treatment and remission, some for relatives still fighting and others as a memory for those that have been lost to it.”