Midhurst takeaway plan thrown out

An extension of opening hours proposed for a controversial takeaway at a Midhurst Chinese restaurant was overwhelmingly rejected by Chichester district councillors.

Approval was recommended by planning officers, but there was all-out opposition from Midhurst representatives.

The extension, from 11am-10pm to 11am-11pm sought by applicant Kate To, would have brought the takeaway into line with the opening hours of the restaurant at Bepton House, in Bepton Road.

The district’s northern area development control committee voted 9-1 against the officers’ recommendation and agreed to refuse permission on the grounds of harmful impact on nearby neighbours.

Area planning manager David Few said coinciding the opening hours of the restaurant and the takeaway would make them easier to enforce.

“What we are trying to do is clarify the situation of opening hours, so it makes it easier for us to draw a line on what is a breach of control and what is not,” he added.

But Midhurst representative Cllr Brian Weekes said there had been problems at the premises.