Midhurst Town Trust: What it is and what work does it do

The Midhurst Town Trust is a charitable organisation with the aim of preserving and maintaining the town’s historic assets.

Wednesday, 4th August 2021, 12:26 pm

The charity commissioners scheme for the trust was sealed on February 4, 1910.

Lynne Plater, one of the co-opted trustees of the trust, said: “This was in addition to the Old Town Hall and the Square, the commissioners schedule of property includes the stocks, the pound, the town mace and constables staves.

“We also have responsibility for the War Memorial, the town mace, the town criers bell, the royal coat of arms, North American Red Oak tree, curfew gardens, and the pound in Bepton Road.”

Midhurst Town Trust

The trustees meet four times a year and still abide by the original schedule of the charity commissioners with only one amendment in more than 100 years.

There are currently seven trustees: one representative of the Lord of the Manor, three representatives of Midhurst Town Council, and three co-opted trustees who reside in Midhurst.

Lynne said: “People can help look after these amazing places and items of history in Midhurst by booking the rooms at The Old Town Hall and enjoying a coffee at Garton’s Coffee House and also by visiting our beautiful town. “

The rooms can be booked for all manner of classes and meetings through Vikki at The Tall Dog or at the town trust’s website.

Lynne explains how the market square in the town has been in existence since around 1160.

She said: “The then Lord of the Manor was allowed to hold a market which was recognised by King Henry II.

“The rent from this was to be used for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area. This is still the case today.

“The market square is for the use of the local community and is regularly used for such activities as the weekly flower and Saturday markets and community musical events through the year.

“Income from these events is then used for the upkeep of the square and Old Town hall buildings.”

History and further information about booking events or rooms can be found here midhurst-town-square.org.uk/midhurst-town-trust