Mindfulness season at Cowdray Hall

A MINDFULNESS Season – a first for the area – is starting at Cowdray Hall in Easebourne on Saturday, August 18.

It will continue into the autumn with a programme which will include a day of mindfulness and peace, an eight-week course, 12 rhythms dances, and what will be the highlight of the season on October 21 – a talk by Professor Mark Williams.

Professor Williams helped to develop a programme which is now recommended to the NHS as the preferred method of treatment for preventing depression relapse.

Ruby Wax is one of his students on a masters course he runs in Oxford and she has been invited to the talk.

She is currently developing a show on the subject for the general public and is likely to come along to his talk.

“Mindfulness is exciting the cutting edge science of neuroplasicity where it has been discovered that by practising, the structure of our brains change, reducing stress and promoting wellbeing,” said Barbara Boxhall, who is running the season at Easebourne.

“We can actually re-wire our brains to feel happier.”

Barbara’s website www.dailymindfulness.com has more information on the talks, courses and days at Cowdray Hall and in Chichester.

A Five Rhythms dance programme, which Barbara says is a rarity in this part of the world will be starting at Cowdray Hall from October 28.