‘Mindless’ yobs wreck Midhurst playing field bench

‘Mindless yobs’ have been slammed by chairman of Midhurst Town Council John Etherington after equipment on the playing field was attacked by vandals.

A picnic table and two benches which had been placed in the town council-owned playing field at Carron Lane less than a year ago, has been damaged.

The sturdy picnic table incorporating two benches was made of wood in a metal frame. It had been bolted into concrete beneath the ground to safeguard it against vandalism, but despite the precautions, vandals managed to bend one of the benches completely out of shape.

“I was extremely disappointed to find out what had happened,” said Mr Etherington.

“The town council’s community care committee, which is responsible for the playing field, do their best to keep it updated and maintained and all this has been wrecked by mindless thoughtless yobs.”

He warned that every council taxpayer in Midhurst would have to pay for the actions of a few thoughtless individuals.

Full story in the Midhurst and Petworth Observer, December 8