MP Nick Herbert and Councillor Janet Duncton on fracking

JPNS-15-12-11-005 ''Nick Herbert MP
JPNS-15-12-11-005 ''Nick Herbert MP

COUNCILLORS are reluctant to pass comment on sites earmarked for exploratory drilling.

They have however been in attendance at public meetings and said they are willing to “listen to” and pay regard to what the public is saying.

County and District Councillor Janet Duncton was in attendance at a meeting held in Wisborough Green to discuss the Celtique application for an exploratory drilling well between Wisborough Green and Kirdford.

So too was Councillor for the Kirdford and Wisborough Green Ward, and Cabinet folio holder for Corporate Services and Communications at CDC, Josef Ransley.

Cllr Duncton said: “With regard to the oil and gas exploration application at Wisborough Green/Kirdford, I shall listen to all sides of the arguments as presented with the facts and will not make up my own mind until the Planning meeting sits.

“Although only a substitute member on the County Planning committee I have sat on each meeting since becoming a County Councillor and have no intention of fettering my discretion.

“I would like to stress though that this application is for exploration.

“If this gets the go-ahead it will be some time before we know what the company find and if they find anything that will need a lot more questions and learning exactly what is involved.”

MP for Petworth Nick Herbert has also issued a statement on the drilling application.

He said:“Thank you for the update on fracking.

“I am sorry that I wasn’t able to attend the meeting, though I wasn’t actually invited, but in any case the House was sitting, with votes at 7pm, as I do hope was made clear.

“I am very much aware of people’s concern about fracking, and hope that the community is aware that I have been raising the issue assiduously.

“I will be sending out further information in due course.

“I do want to assure local people that I am closely engaged with this issue and listening to them.”

At public meetings councillors have urged members of the public to contact MP’s, Ministers and the Prime Minister to make their views known at both government level as well as at County Council level.