Mystery of name on Lurgashall war memorial is finally solved

A mystery surrounding a name on Lurgashall's war memorial has at last been solved after two years of research and a stroke of luck from thousands of miles away.

Reginald Gill, who lost his life in the first world war, was the only one of 33 named on the memorial to elude villager Michael Oakland for his book entitled A Richer Dust, which was published in 2007.

Mr Oakland had successfully researched the personal and military details of the other 32, but Reginald Gill remained a mystery.

He refused to give up and carried out volumes of further research which all led nowhere.

Now, however, he has got his man. But until November 6, when he is giving a talk in Lurgashall village hall, no-one will know how.

He said: "In terms of Lurgashall war memorial, Reginald Gill's story is unique because of what I could not find out about him. His connection with Lurgashall is not as strong as the others, but his name is there."

The only other clue he would offer is that it was 'a million-to-one chance' that the trail opened up.

"Having published the book in 2007, someone thousands of miles away got hold of a copy and sent me an email."

Mr Oakland will reveal how his quest finally succeeded at the November 6 talk, entitled The Last Man, which is at 8pm.

Entrance is free and there will be copies on sale of a paper he has written on the topic.

Proceeds will go to the Lurgashall village hall fund.

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