National Trust Christmas in Petworth

Petworth House in the snow. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE
Petworth House in the snow. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE

FOR many, a visit to a beautiful National Trust house and garden is already a ‘must do’ over the festive season.

This winter, Trust locations is hosting a sparkling programme of delights that mix old traditions with new, to bring warmth, enjoyment and inspiration to visitors of all ages.

Petworth House and Park will be holding a spectacular series of events over Christmas for visitors of all ages.

“When faced with the challenge of creating a month-long ‘spectacular’, I must admit I took a small mental gulp, and naturally, I wanted to out-do last year’s Persian Palace extravaganza, so the pressure was on,” said Petworth’s event 
co-ordinator, Ian Pearce.

“Once I started thinking about it, ideas came thick and fast, and there was plenty of inspiration – in particular from the world-famous Fortnum and Mason Christmas windows, the sumptuous Flemish food paintings of the 17th century, and the Gothic fantasy-style sets from Tim Burton’s films.

“I had to overcome some very weird conundrums, such as how to safely flood an historic area, and fix a brace of stuffed pheasants into a two-foot high wig, but it’s been terrific fun, and the result is going to be amazing!”

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