New baby sign language class in Midhurst

IF you have ever wondered exactly what your baby is thinking, a new Midhurst class might just be able to 
tell you.

TinyTalk baby signing classes teach babies from as young as three or four months to use British Sign Language to communicate exactly what they want to say.

Run by Jenny Hanson, who already teaches in Liphook, Haslemere and Liss, the new sessions will be starting at Midhurst Methodist church on Wednesday, September 24 from 9.45am-10.45am. Classes are £5.

Jenny said: “Even before we can speak, we can use our hands to communicate – to point, wave or clap.

In fact we understand so much before we can speak, surely it’s worth teaching our babies how to extend this simple repertoire?

Not only does baby signing allow pre-verbal children to express their needs and thoughts, it cuts out so much of the guesswork for parents.

“Babies who sign are thrilled when they realise they’re understood. This can be from six months of age – rather than waiting until the usual 18 months for their first spoken words.”

For further details, contact Jenny on 07968 047245, email or visit the website