New book launches at Easebourne Priory summer fair

Tina Litchfield
Tina Litchfield

Tina Litchfield launched her new book Village Vignettes at a summer fair at Easebourne Priory on Saturday, June 18.

It was just one event of a special weekend in Easebourne designed to kickstart the St Mary’s Restoration Appeal which has just been launched to raise £100,000 for roof and other repairs at the church.

The three-day programme featured a flower festival at St Mary’s and an open gardens event together with the annual summer fair.

Tina Litchfield’s book is the result of more than 50 interviews she has published monthly in Easebourne village magazine United over a period of six years, with men and women who either live in Easebourne or have close connections with the village.

“The stories are so interesting it seemed right to publish them all together in the form of a book,” said Tina.

“Some interviews are with people in their 70s and 80s who were born in Easebourne and have lived there all their lives.

“Many were employed by the Cowdray Estate.

“All of them tell stories that are not only interesting and very often funny, but which form a real social history of this beautiful and historic village.”

The stories in the book are illustrated with photographs from family photo albums, and the cover illustration is an original watercolour by local artist Fiona Gowar.

Copies of Village Vignettes will be available at Easebourne Village Stores and other local outlets, by phoning the author on 01730 816542, or by email The price of the book is £10 and the author is donating £2 for every copy sold to St Mary’s Church.