New Chichester home sought for military colours

A new home is being sought in Chichester for military colours with a distinguished history.

Wednesday, 10th November 2010, 5:02 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:36 am

City councillors were told that two stands of Royal Sussex Regiment colours were currently displayed on a ceiling at the district museum, in Little London.

But there would be no room for ‘loan items’ such as this when the museum moved to its new building in Tower Street.

The city council’s finance committee took a sympathetic view after considering a letter 
from Colonel Roderick Arnold, president of the Royal Sussex Regimental Association.

It agreed to ask the property sub-committee to see if it were possible to identify a suitable spot for the colours in the Council House.

Colonel Arnold said in the letter that when St George’s Chapel - the regimental chapel - in the cathedral was refurbished in 1962, the regiment’s colours were removed and stored elsewhere in the interim.

“On completion of the refurbishment, the colours were returned to the chapel, except for the two oldest stands, which because of their frailty remained in the Chichester museum – the regimental museum at the time,” he added.

These two stands of colours were restored in 1976-78, but because of their poor condition they were mounted on boards and were now displayed on the ceiling of the museum. As they were examples of the old style of colours, they were somewhat larger than those currently hanging in the chapel.

There was no room for such items at the new museum site. And it would not be suitable for them to be returned or mounted in the regimental chapel.

“Obviously, one would hope to find a suitable place where these consecrated colours could be housed, and while the chapel is not the place for them, I was wondering whether you might have any ideas or suggestions as to where they might go,” said Colonel Arnold’s letter.

The city council might have a suggestion for a suitable alternative, and he would welcome comments on any possible options.